Sunday, October 28, 2012

tv: Force Sensitive Resistor, Part 1

Season 3 : Ep. 2 | 3:54

Who wants to incorporate touch sensors when you can incorporate force sensitive resistors? In this episode we start to explore a force sensitive resistor for the DogBot!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

tv: Season 3 Begins

Season 3 : Ep. 1 | 2:47

I introduce my new workshop in this episode.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

RepRap: Unboxing

As you know, I moved recently. I don't have many possessions, but one of my most prized possession is my 3d printer. I mean, I printed it myself on a printer I made by hand using primitive wood tools. I could make another one, but I don't want to start from scratch again! I'd rather use the printer I have to print my next one. So when I was packing up my small apartment I took extra care to pack my printer.

I started with a piece of 2 inch thick insulation board.

I made a box out of it.

I then wrapped the box in a whole roll of plastic moving wrap.

And if anyone forgot what was in the box I labeled it properly!

This box was the printer's home ever since. I needed time to move in and set up my workshop before I wanted to risk stripping off the cocoon. But today was the day!

And here it is getting acquainted to its new home!

Does it still work? I hope so! I don't have time to plug it in...