Giants who's Shoulders I Stand

Giving credit to the origin of ideas is very important to me. Though I am not a promoter of intelectual property I am an avid supporter of giving credit where credit is due. 

In the begining...

Fred Steinman is an artist and building contractor and ... my dad. Without him employing me to help with home remodeling jobs I wouldn't know that when cutting PVC pipe with a miter saw you should first turn the blade around. This gives a cleaner cut as it takes less off per rotation of the blade. It's amazing what you can pick up when working with dad! I have learned less from 700 page text books. He also taught me how to persue my artistic abilities, abilities I did't know I had. 

The college years...

I was privledged to have (IMHO) some of the best Computer Science professors that one can have! They taught me that before one can complete anything worth completing you must first make Proof of Concepts or (POC)s. Andrew Thall, Ph.D. taught me NEVER to build working systems from a POC codebase. POCs stay in their own directory! Start over! Dr. Gregory M. Kapfhammer, taught me that giving 110% to what you love gives a new meaning to compound interest. He also gave me the love of research. Dr. Robert S. Roos encouraged my creativity by supporting a Photomosaic independent study. I learned a lot from him in the process. 


I would currently like to thank the whole RepRap Team for all of their hard work and determination on this project. Specifically, I would like to thank Adrian Bowyer for starting the whole thing and Nophead and Forrest Higgs for blogging so profusely. Nophead / Forrest, I follow your research closely. 

All around, I am getting a great HANDS ON education out of this and have yet to pick up more than a few books.

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  1. It warms my heart to hear stories like this one. When we employed plumbers from Melbourne to reconstruct our broken pipes, they shared similar stories of how their fathers have inspired them to venture on to this career.