Saturday, August 13, 2011

Graphics: Way too much progress!

I don't understand what makes me get excited about certain things. I don't understand why I lose interest or gain interest in things. However, I have learned to just accept it and to follow my gut. I'm not intentionally setting my DobBot project aside. I will finish it. But right now my gut is telling me that I need to poor myself into real time graphics.

I got a book on Blender called Blender for Dummies. It's actually quite good. I learned that the reason you right click to select objects in Blender (instead of left click in EVERY OTHER application!) is to get you to use the right and left mouse buttons equally. In theory this minimizes fatigue and keeps you modeling for longer. I guess it makes sense. Blender is going to be something I pick up over a longggg time. I know I'll be proficient eventually, but I'm not in a hurry.

I have decided to use Code::Blocks as my IDE for writing c++ code. OGRE, the rendering engine I have decided to use, is coming naturally, so I decided to also start picking up the Bullet Physics Library. After getting them to compile and play nicely together it was MUCH easier than I expected to create a wall of cubes and shoot a ball into them! Here's a screen capture:

Keep in mind that this is real time rendering and real time physics! I'm blown away!

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