Thursday, November 29, 2012

tv: Hacking a Servo Trimpot

Season 3 : Ep. 5 | 3:28

In this episode we hack the trimpot of a servo in order to read the position of the servo. This servo will be used in an ongoing robotic dog project.

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1 comment:

  1. Nice vid!!!!
    I have been looking far and wide. BTW, love the name "onshoulders, without those before us we would not have even the simplest of items.

    I have question for you . .can you attempt to controll 2 servos. With 2 you can gewt movement on a plane in x/y space. The trick will be to trap time so they can move simultainously (if the is what the end used actually makes happen)


    also, what about hacking a stepper encoder to do the same, that way you will not be limited to 180 degrees.

    thanks for your time and energy !!!