Thursday, April 4, 2013

RepRap - The Viral 3d Printer

Midwest RepRap Festival: Video 4 of 6 | 14:34

This is the 14 minute RepRap documentary from my trip to MRRF. You (my subscribers) and the RepRap community have given me so much! This video is my attempt at giving back. It took a lot of late nights in the editing room, but I'm finally done! Please help The Viral 3d Printer go even more viral!

I traveled to Elkhart Indiana to get more information on the opensource 3d printing movement called RepRap. I interviewed core developers and users of the technology, as well as kids who are growing up with the technology.

On top of the people who allowed me to film and interview them I would like to thank:

Jeff McAlvay works on Board Forge with folks from around the country.
Visit for more info.

RepRap IRC:


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