Saturday, May 9, 2009

RepStrap: more parts...

I haven't been able to take time to work on my projects for quite a while. Now that I have time I decided to resume where I left off by finishing a set of Darwin parts. Here is a part I have been having difficulty with. This is an Opto Switch Bracket. The first few goes turned out funny because the Y axis drifted. I'm pretty sure it was a software bug because I printed to GCode and read from the file without any problems.

Now that my hardware is working consistently the host software is really the only thing giving me problems. I would rather deal with its shortcomings than take the time to rewrite it, so I am just taking the quick way out for now. Printing to GCode file and loading it back in seems to work pretty well.

Below is a corner bracket I just printed. This print took five hours.

I am getting quite the collection of parts!

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