Tuesday, May 26, 2009

RepStrap: parts update...

This is where I currently stand with my RepRap parts.

I had a realization recently that I should stop focusing exclusively on passing the RepStrap -> RepRap threshold. I have been focusing all of my energy on finishing a set of parts because I should get a shorter print time and more precision with these parts. Still, I am currently getting an acceptable print quality / time... and I freaking have a 3d printer! So, I decided to start using it for more than just Darwin part creation. There were reasons why I wanted a 3d printer after all.

One thing I love about software engineering is that you can design a small component, test it, get a feel for how the technology and concepts work, and then use it as a building block in the big picture and end result. Ever since I started building a 3d printer I wanted to try these techniques on a mechanical problem. I have decided to start doing just that.

As a parallel thread of effort I have decided to create a printable semi-automatic rubber band gun. Should be fun... and keep me busy while my Darwin parts are printing.

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