Wednesday, December 22, 2010

RepRap: Droid Mount

My wife and I upgraded to Droid X phones this year. As soon as we got them we realized they outperformed our old Garman GPS and have been using the phones for GPS ever since. My wife quickly identified the need for a droid mount to hold the phone while driving. A few weeks ago I designed and printed the following mount.

It worked decent for a week and then warped! I'm using PLA plastic and its full blown winter right now. My wife had the heat on and the part that holds the phone warped. You can see the warp below. I redesigned using the strength of triangles and increasing the depth of the part.

While redesigning I had an idea. Though the three degrees of freedom design worked fairly well, I wanted a bit more freedom. I made a bundle of 25 strands of floral wire and wrapped it with electrical tape. I then incorporated it in the design. The wire serves a dual purpose. It allows virtually any position to be obtained and it absorbs pot hole shock.

Here it is installed! I'm happy!

If you have a Droid X and would like to make this mount, here it is on Thingiverse. I included the OpenSCad source file. If you want a mount, but have a different type of phone, it shouldn't be too hard to create a derivative of my design for your phone specs.

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